Me werkin on my film (16 mm)

Some film (#3 was taken on digital camera tho) I developed recently from college. The last picture is a shot from my dorm room. It’s dark and you can’t really see it but it lives in my head so clearly. I might be moving dorms tho because the building I live in now is sub-free and to but it blankly—i’m not. But I’m nervous, about moving and feeling uncomfortable among other things. My neighbor is actually moving as well which kinda sucks because I hate the thought of two empty rooms on that hall, but then again, I want to be in a more “livelier” building. Plus I feel so judged being in that building because they seem to all know I don’t share their sub free ideals.

P.S: Yes, the first picture is me with a “butt” butt, as in cigarette butts…hahah, yeah my school….

The color of the bathwater after I had just recently dyed my hair again. I don’t know If I should keep my pink hair. I like it— I think it suits me, but I don’t know about having such bright hair in the snowy weather when I return back to college for spring semester. It seems like such a “summer/spring” color and having it in the midst of 8 feet of snow seems a little unnerving to me for some reason.