It’s good to stop and stare every once in awhile

pic 1: me exploring hampshire college; amherst, MA (2013)

pic 2: the shadows of trees; los angeles(2013)

intheendweareallhuman said: I'd like to say your so cool. and i adore your style.

thank you this means a lot! <3333

Rite of Passage, 2014

Public transportation in the form of the BUS is really not as bad as people make it out to be. I’ve grown up on the bus, it was how I earned my independence. Being able to take the bus by myself (o.k I had my twinsie there w/ me) was a new level of freedom we never experienced so in a way the bus was my rite of passageĀ 

pic 1: Greyhound bus to El Paso (My Hometown)

pic 2: Los Angeles Metro BusĀ